Salt and Sand and Sludge, Oh My! | How to Protect Your Vehicle Against The Effects of Winter Salt

Winter Roads | Winter Salt | Winter Maintenance | Eason Collision Specialists | Claremore, OK

When temperatures drop and snow and ice begin to fall, most of us take care to winterize our vehicles. We also allow extra time for driving and breathe a collective sigh of relief as we encounter roads covered in salt and sand.

What many of us don’t consider, though, is the toll the ice melting mixture takes on our cars and trucks.

Salt and sand can destroy car finish, increase rust, hurt driving performance and cause damage to the parts of your vehicle that retain moisture. These include doors, hoods, fenders and tailgates.

There are preventative measures you can take, however, to protect your vehicle from Winter sludge and maintain it during the colder months.

Wax On

Wax works as a paint protectant and should be applied before Winter to protect your car or truck from the corrosive properties of sand and salt.

A good, strong coat can be applied by you or a car-care professional.

Clean Wheels Keep On Turning

Tires that are dirty can kick up the road salt and sand onto your vehicle’s body.

Before it gets cold, make sure your tires are clean. Then continue checking and cleaning them throughout the Winter months.

Working at the Car Wash

Some car washes are known to use repurposed water on the vehicles that drive through. This means the water may contain small traces of salt.

The safest way to keep your car or truck clean and prevent paint damage is to wash your vehicle yourself using a high-pressure hose. Hoses are able to reach areas of your vehicle regular drive-thru washes cannot and can easily remove salt and sand.

To make sure your vehicle stays clean all Winter long, it is a good idea to wash your vehicle every ten days and on days when it is 40°F or higher. Warmer days allow your car or truck to dry completely.

Winter Roads | Winter Salt | Winter Maintenance | Eason Collision Specialists | Claremore, OK

Prime Time

Did you know there are prime road salt times? Right before and after a Winter storm is when the road de-icer is most likely to be fresh.

If it is possible, try avoiding driving during these times to prevent your vehicle’s exposure to excess salt and sand.

Rolling In the Deep

If there is deep snow, don’t go. Not only can you get stuck driving through deep snow, but it can pack salt into your car or truck’s undercarriage where it’s difficult to clean. This can lead to corrosion.

Remembering these few simple rules can keep you and your family safe on the road and will help to protect your car during the Winter months. Contact us if you have questions about Winter maintenance or if you would like to receive a free vehicle estimate.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Oklahoma ChristmasLet Your Heart Be Light

Christmas is once again upon us. As we prepare to relish delicious goodies, gather with close friends and family and celebrate the significance of this season, we give thanks for you and wish you and yours an abundance of joy that lasts after Christmas has gone.

From our team to yours, best wishes and a very merry Christmas!

You Have The Right | A Vehicle Owner’s Right to Choose

Vehicle Rights | Eason Collision Specialists | Claremore, OK

Not all body shops are alike or equal when it comes to the quality of their equipment or work.

As a vehicle owner, you possess certain rights that when exercised, help to ensure your vehicle is repaired safely and completely.

In fact, it is crucial for you and every licensed driver to be aware of your vehicle rights, so you can be prepared if your car or truck is damaged in an accident.

The Right to Choose

In most cases, you have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. In fact, most states prohibit insurers from requiring you to use a specific shop even if they are paying the bill.

Not all body shops are alike or equal when it comes to the quality of their equipment or work.

An insurance company may recommend one of its direct repair facilities following an accident. This is a shop that holds an agreement with the insurance company.

The shop may be a decent option if you do not have a shop in mind, however, it is still important to do the research before making an informed decision about where to go.

Family and friends who have had their vehicles repaired can be a great resource. Local dealerships may also be able to recommend a good shop.   

No matter who you decide to trust with your car or truck repairs, make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

Have questions about your right to choose or vehicle repairs? Contact us!

The Right to Parts

Vehicle Rights | Auto Body Shop | Eason Collision Specialists | Claremore, OK

Being informed about your vehicle rights can protect you from auto body shops that may not have you and your family’s best interest in mind.

Depending on your insurance policy limitations and state law regulations, once you have taken your vehicle to the shop of your choice, you have the right to request that your car or truck is repaired using Original Equipment or OE collision replacement parts.

Check your insurance policy then add a rider for factory OE parts.

OE parts are parts that are distributed by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Using Original Equipment provides a better fit, function and allows for a safer vehicle.

Be Prepared

Make sure you are aware of your insurance policy limitations and rights as a vehicle owner before an accident occurs.

Knowing what you can and cannot do following an accident will not only save you time but may also save you money and hassle.

More importantly, being informed can protect you from auto body shops that may not have you and your family’s best interest in mind.

If you feel you are being denied the right to have your vehicle repaired at the facility of your choice, contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department’s Consumer Assistance Divison by calling 1-800-522-0071.

Have questions about our repair process? Contact us or request a free estimate today!


Happy Thanksgiving from Eason!

thanksgiving-trends-on-socialThanksgiving is upon us which means that at Eason Collision, our thoughts have turned to the  people who have encouraged us, supported us and shared their lives with us this year.

Thank You

Thank you for your acceptance and for trusting us with your vehicles and repairs. It is our great privilege to know you and to be able to keep you safe both on and off the road.

To our customers who are our dear friends and family, we wish you a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!

May you experience an abundance of peace and blessings on this and every day. We are so thankful for you!

How to Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter RoadWinter is coming, which means soon, temperatures will drop and sleet and ice will coat our roads and highways.


For those who are unprepared, these conditions can lead to traffic delays, vehicle breakdowns and accidents.

However, being aware of what happens to your vehicle in winter weather and knowing how to winter-proof your car will help to keep you safe and on-time in the coming months.


In addition to keeping your engine from overheating in the summertime, your vehicle’s coolant system has the ability to protect your engine from corrosion in the winter.

Each vehicle requires a specific coolant to water ratio during colder months, and adjusting this ratio is winterizing your car.

Not sure what measurements or coolant type your car or truck needs? Check out your vehicle owner’s manual or visit with one of our repair specialists who can tell you how to keep your engine in check.

Also, make sure to invest in a coolant that contains ethylene glycol to achieve the most protection.


Internal engine temperatures are influenced by external temperatures, which means it may be necessary to change your engine’s oil type as outside conditions change.

If you live in or will be traveling to a place that falls below freezing during winter, you may need to change your engine’s oil to something thinner and less viscous.

Snow Tires

Driving over sleet and ice can be very challenging and dangerous. Oftentimes, staying at home is not an option, so making sure your vehicle has the proper tires is critical.

Many car and tire experts recommend changing all of your tires to snow tires in the winter. In this case, it is important to change all four instead of one, two or three as this prevents problems for your vehicle such as being misaligned and off-balance.

All-season tires are a great option for drivers who would rather not change tires every time the season changes or keep two sets of rims. The disadvantage to these tires is that they do not have all of the features included with a seasonal version.

Windshield Fluid

It is important to keep your windshield wiper fluid filled even in winter, because of the dirty, wet snow cars and trucks on the road in front of you will kick up.

The best wiper fluid to invest in when it’s cold is a fluid that contains antifreeze.

Cold Weather and Batteries

Did you know your vehicle battery’s capacity is reduced by frigid temperatures?

To make sure your car battery is winterized, it is important to get a thorough inspection of it, your cables, fluid and terminals.

Winter WeatherFrozen Locks

Oftentimes, vehicle door locks will freeze in cold weather. This can lead to a broken key for anyone who tries to force their car door open.

It is possible to use warm water to melt the frozen lock, but if you are out and don’t have warm water, there is another option.

Many auto parts, hardware and discount stores sell glycerine that can be used for de-icing your lock.

It is a good idea to keep a tube in your garage and at work to avoid being frozen out.

Emergency Kit

Keeping a winter kit in your car or trunk is a great idea and can save you in or help prevent winter emergencies.

Some things to consider keeping on hand in your vehicle are:

  • Coolant
  • Flashlight
  • Washer Fluid
  • Radio
  • Blankets
  • Boots
  • Flares
  • Engine Oil
At Eason Collision, your safety and well-being matters to us in winter and every season.

As cold weather approaches, we would love to check out and winterize your vehicle, so you can keep going when conditions try to slow you down.

Need an estimate? Fill out our online form or call our office to make an appointment today!

5 Things You Should Do If You Are Involved in An Accident

Involved in an accident | vehicle collision | Know what to do?

Vehicular accidents occur when we least expect them, and no matter who or what is at fault, being involved in one can be scary and leave you feeling unprepared.

In fact, knowing what to do in an accident is crucial to your health and can save you and people you know time and money.

That is why we urge you to follow these steps if you experience a collision.

Stop in the Name of the Law

Whether the extent of damage is large or appears small, stop immediately, and report the accident to the police station nearest you.  This will prevent your being charged with hit and run.

Check for Injuries

Make sure no one was injured in the accident. If there are injuries, take the hurt party to the hospital or call an ambulance.  See a doctor promptly if you think you may have received injuries.

To Tow or Not to Tow

Do not allow an unfamiliar garage to tow or repair your vehicle.

For Your Information

Write a description of the accident as soon as possible, and take pictures of the scene of the collision.

Discover what accident reports need to be filled out, the minimal damage that must be reported and how soon a report must be filed and the State Department notified.

Insurance Assurance

If a claim is small and there are no injuries from an accident, some people may not notify their insurance company in order to avoid an increase in premiums.

However, settling a claim on your own can be dangerous and leave you open to accusations of injury in the future.

To help prevent this from happening, include a release statement on the back of any check you write to the other party that says something to the effect of, “Acceptance of this check will constitute full and complete settlement of all claims involved in the accident of (date)”.

If you do prefer to get your insurance company involved, make a note of the name of the company representative you speak with, so you know who to contact again if there’s trouble.

Final Thoughts

Being involved in an accident is something we hope you never have to experience. However, if you do, knowing the right steps to take can help protect you and others involved from further injury, vehicle damage and legal trouble.

Print our free Accident Report Brochure, and place it in your glove box, so you are always prepared when you are on the road. And if you have any questions about accidents or collision repair, get in touch today!


I-CAR training – What is it and why is it important?

What is I-CAR training?

A little bit of History

In the early nineties, auto collision repair techniques and technology were advancing quickly. That is why we made the decision to join I-CAR in 1994, making us a Gold Class shop.

I-CAR, which stands for the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair is a non-profit organization that provides knowledge, skills and information to members of the auto body industry in order to keep them safe while performing quality repairs.

Their mission is to provide accessible, relevant, on-demand knowledge and service solutions for the Collision Repair Inter-Industry while embracing the following core values:

  • Relevance
  • Collaboration
  • Expertise
  • Excellence
  • Integrity

As vehicles evolve afinal assembly | collision repair | Eason Collision Specialistsnd built using more advanced technology and materials, I-CAR training has become invaluable to auto body shops.   Gold Class shops or members of I-CAR receive thorough training that addresses finding hidden damage, making the best decisions for a safe repair, the latest in repair procedures and which parts to repair or replace.
Such training is crucial to allowing body shops to safely and effectively adapt with the times and embrace technological breakthroughs in the auto industry.   The I-CAR Gold status is a designation of distinction and superior working knowledge recognized by leading insurance companies and industry leaders.

Why is I-CAR training important?

Today, I-CAR continues to advocate for the education, information and knowledge that will advance the collision repair industry and ensure the safety of consumers.  By embarking on new consultative relationships and developing cutting-edge training solutions, I-CAR is helping the collision repair industry stay current, focused and committed to quality.


The Partnership

At Eason Collision Specialists, we are proud to be a designated I-CAR Gold shop. This status designates us as having superior working knowledge as deemed by insurance company leaders and industry leaders.

We are also thankful for the opportunity to partner with I-CAR as we continue to work hard, do a quality job and provide a product or service at a price our customers are willing to pay.

Eason Employees | Eason Collision Specialists

To learn more about  I-CAR   visit their website today or read about the many services Eason Collision Specialists has to offer!