Paint Care Tips

Eason Collision Specialists in Claremore, OK

Protect the finish on your vehicle by following these simple paint care guidelines

  • Eason Collision Specialists Paint Care Tips | Claremore, OKDo wash cars in shade or in cooler temperatures in the early morning or late afternoon.
  • Do use a formulated car wash.
  • Do fill your bucket with warm water.
  • Do use a soft terrycloth towel or washing mitt.
  • Do spray the car often with water.
  • Wash one section at a time and rinse often to prevent soap from drying on the paint.
  • Use a soft cloth or scratch-free fabric to dry the vehicle.
  • Do wax your vehicle at least twice a year. Be sure to thoroughly clean your vehicle before waxing.
  • Even cars with clear-coat should be waxed.
  • Don’t wash cars in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t use dish detergent.
  • Don’t wash the entire car all at once.
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