Collision Repair

Frame/Structural Diagnosis

Eason’s uses Chief Genesis Laser Diagnostic equipment for pinpoint car repair accuracy.

Frame & Structural Repair

Car Repair | Eason Collision Specialists | Claremore, OK

Don’t compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. Master Technician, Rick Vernon, has over 25 years of experience repairing vehicles to exact factory specifications.

Mechanical Repairs

Dent Repair

Auto Painting

Automotive Detailing

Our Car Repair Process

Initial Damage Inspection | Car Repair | Eason Collision Specialists | Claremore, OK

Initial Damage Inspection

The Initial Damage Analysis step involves a thorough inspection of the damaged vehicle. This step is often done by the shop estimator, Kevin Pritchard and the insurance adjuster/estimator. A list of the damaged parts is then entered into a computer for final calculations. Eason’s uses CCC Estimating Systems for state-of-the-art accuracy.

Order Parts

Once the car repair approval has been verified, the computer system generates a parts order list. Parts Manager, Jason Eason reviews the parts order list in detail then orders the parts from the appropriate parts supplier. When the parts arrive each part is compared to the vehicle to verify correctness.

Car Repair | Eason Collision Specialists | Claremore, OKTear Down

One of our qualified techs removes the damaged parts of the vehicle. At this point another inspection is completed to locate previously hidden damage. Once the damaged area is opened up, it is common to discover damage that was not visible during the initial inspection. If hidden damage is found, the insurance company will need to be notified and additional parts may be needed.

Structural Repair

Damaged Structural parts are repaired or replaced at this time. Master Technician, Rick Vernon utilizes state-of-the-art structural repair and diagnostic equipment. Chief EZ Liner and Genesis Computerized Laser measuring systems are used to ensure your vehicle will be repaired to factory specifications.

Non-Structural Repair

After the structural work is complete, the non-structural work is done. This includes body and mechanical parts replacement, dent repair, and panel alignment.

Mike Vernon demonstrates the art of metal finishing as he completes repairs to a pickup door.

Paint Prep

Paint Prep | Car Repair | Eason Collision Specialists | Claremore, OK

After the parts are replaced or repaired, the vehicle is ready for paint prep. The repaired parts are primed and sanded. The new parts also have to be prepped for paint. This is a time consuming and important step in the process. Care must be taken to achieve a factory-like finish.


When the vehicle is properly prepped it is moved to the BlowTherm Down-Draft Oven-Bake Paint Booth. This state-of-the-art paint booth helps reproduce the look of a factory finish.

Once in the booth, Head Painter, Jeremy Wilson applies a quality finish that requires an artistic touch.

Final Assembly

Final Assembly | Car Repair | Eason Collision Specialists | Claremore, OKOnce the paint work is completed the vehicle is returned to the body shop area for final assembly. All trim and moldings are installed at this time.

Clean Up & Final Inspection

The vehicle is then given a “mini” detail including cleaning and vacuuming the interior, washing the exterior, and cleaning the wheels, tires and windows. After the cleaning, Jason gives the vehicle a final inspection.


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