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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Let Your Heart Be Light Christmas is once again upon us. As we prepare to relish delicious goodies, gather with close friends and family and celebrate the significance of this season, we give thanks for you and wish you and yours an abundance of joy that lasts after Christmas has gone. From our team to… Read more »

You Have The Right | A Vehicle Owner’s Right to Choose

As a vehicle owner, you possess certain rights that when exercised, help to ensure your vehicle is repaired safely and completely. In fact, it is crucial for you and every licensed driver to be aware of your vehicle rights, so you can be prepared if your car or truck is damaged in an accident. The… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving from Eason!

Thanksgiving is upon us which means that at Eason Collision, our thoughts have turned to the  people who have encouraged us, supported us and shared their lives with us this year. Thank You Thank you for your acceptance and for trusting us with your vehicles and repairs. It is our great privilege to know you and to… Read more »

How to Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter is coming, which means soon, temperatures will drop and sleet and ice will coat our roads and highways.   For those who are unprepared, these conditions can lead to traffic delays, vehicle breakdowns and accidents. However, being aware of what happens to your vehicle in winter weather and knowing how to winter-proof your car will… Read more »

5 Things You Should Do If You Are Involved in An Accident

Vehicular accidents occur when we least expect them, and no matter who or what is at fault, being involved in one can be scary and leave you feeling unprepared. In fact, knowing what to do in an accident is crucial to your health and can save you and people you know time and money. That… Read more »

I-CAR training – What is it and why is it important?

What is I-CAR training? A little bit of History In the early nineties, auto collision repair techniques and technology were advancing quickly. That is why we made the decision to join I-CAR in 1994, making us a Gold Class shop. I-CAR, which stands for the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair is a non-profit organization… Read more »